Joshua Cole believes stories communicate the human experience, like no other medium, by resonating with the heart, mind, and soul.
This is why he writes poetry, literary romance, and suspense fiction.


Recently divorced, Amy isn’t looking for another relationship. Thenuntil-i-see-you-again_02she runs into handsome, gregarious Michael, a friend of the family whom she hasn’t seen in years. Will this chance encounter finally lead to the love Amy has wanted all of her life? Download this short-
story today to find out!

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“A very lovely book,it sucks you in instantly. You will not regret reading this,so read it now!” ~Kimberly, from Goodreads.

“Cole is such an incredible author, and I’m ready to read more of his work.” ~Seaton, from Amazon.


Still reeling from a relationship that ended badly, Adam befriendsA Man Reaps What He Sowsthe beautiful Gwen, whose workaholic husband has left her lonely and longing for companionship. As their relationship grows into
more than friendship, Adam will risk everything to be with Gwen, even if he has to confront her violent husband.

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“One of the most enjoyable things about Joshua Cole’s writing is his use of dialogue. He makes it so realistic that it’s easy to get lost in the characters’ conversations.” ~ Curiouser Editing, from Amazon.





Linda is trapped in a marriage with a very violent man, but when a chance encounter may lead to freedom, she will risk enraging her monstrous husband to escape. revised 10.31

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“It’s a haunting story that kept me squirming throughout.” ~Rebecca, Goodreads.

“This short story was very well written. It’s a sensitive and delicate subject, and the author successfully captured the poignant struggle so many women face” ~Angela, from Amazon.

“There is violence. The author described this well, the reader can see each detail as he/she reads the story.” ~AD, Barnes & Noble

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