Review: Cold Mountain

Cold Mountain Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier My rating: 4 of 5 stars The prose, poetic metaphors and character depth, though not exhaustive, made this a memorable read. The film version was surprisingly faithful to the novel, but, unfortunately, the relationships forged in the written story did not translate to the big screen. My takeaways from reading this book: I gleaned a lot from Frazier, but what has stayed with me are the comparisons. Several characters and their desire for contentment were contrasted, but the strongest was the juxtaposition of Ada and Ruby: Ruby was left by her father when she was a child, and Ada was left as an adult child (emotionally) by her father. Both had to learn to survive and grow in harsh conditions. It’s important to note that their dynamic is so poignant, because the women are socially opposite, but have a common goal and work together to achieve it. Their shared motive makes the relationship more real. Additionally, though Ruby’s character is the more enjoyable and memorable, it would not be so if it she wasn’t paired with the flat and uninteresting Ada. Together they make a duo that will be remembered as one of the more enjoyable in literature; on par with George & Lenny (“Of Mice and Men”), and Phineas & Gene (“A Separate Peace”). View all my reviews


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