For Your Listening Pleasure: Writing Excuses – Time Travel

Writing Excuses 7.23: Time Travel
I’ve mentioned about these guys (and gal) before. They have that “home grown” appeal, while offering some solid insights from the industry as they are all published authors. In a way, it reminds me of C.S Lewis’ Inklings.

What’s in the episode:
It’s a solid break down of the different types of time travel plots.

Why did I like it:
Time travel stories have always fascinated me (12 Monkeys, Back to the Future, and Quantum Leap). It also reaffirmed that  an idea I have will work in this genre.

Their best advice:
Don’t try to be original with the time travel device, but focus on the characters in the story.

Who should listen to this:
If you’re a fan of time travel or are thinking of writing a story involving time travel check it out!


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