Are you Feeding your Dream Killers?

Do you love slugging away day after day, hour after hour in your day job?

Cause I don’t.

The “9 to 5” version of ourselves is what I like to call “Clark Kent.” It’s the version where we put the smile on with the suit. It a necessary concession, for now, because the bills need to be paid. This version, however, isn’t who we really are. This is just the alter ego we use to blend into the rest of the world until we can be ourselves. Those are the precious moments we yearn for, when the world, and everything in it, finally make sense.

So, I find myself wondering, if I love being Superman, why do I sabotage that time? Instead of doning my cape and soaring through the air, I’m changing into my pajamas and vegging with mindless youtube clips, and endless strolling of my Facebook feed. That’s when it hit me, like a Kryptonian meteorite: I’ve been feeding my dream killers.

Dream killers are those activities which don’t help us to achieve our goals, and they don’t help others (like providing or caring for a family). They simply suck up all our time and give us nothing but regret in return. In the world of business they’re called non-value add tasks.  Can you name your dream killers?

Mine are: Youtube, Facebook, and Words with Friends.

Feeding these internet dragons is easy, it’s comfortable, and it provides instance gratification. The problem is that these dragons are not my dream, and feeding them doesn’t get me any closer to realizing that dream.

So if you’re like me, and you find yourself providing a schmorgesborg for your dream killers, than the diet starts with answering one little question: how important is your dream?

I didn’t ask, if you’re dream was achievable; I’m not a fortune teller (and neither are you). I simply want to know if your dream is important enough for you to make a change. If it is than remove a couple of those tasks from your daily routine and let the starvation begin. If it’s not, well, than perhaps you love being Clark Kent and working at the Daily Planet. If that’s the case keep doing what you’re doing, and fatten up those dream killers. Just remember, anybody can do what Clark Kent does, but there’s only one Superman. You’re the only one who can be you. No one else can write like you, or sing like you, or draw like you. No one else can achieve your dreams.

Just remember, anybody can do what Clark Kent does, but there’s only one Superman. Only you can do what you do best. TWEET THIS


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